Schoenies market

We popped into the Schoenmakerskop Flea Market this morning for a quick squize. Its not one of those big markets but something a little bit more intimate. This one particular stall had a huge range of jams, preserves and pickled items at the most unbelievable prices. Usually you would pay about R20 or R25 for a bottle of jam. This guy was selling them for about R12 (not even $2 US) each. Needles to say, my mom who was visiting for the weekend took about 8 different jams while the Damselfly also took a couple. Next month we’ll pop in again to restock the supply.

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  1. Sweet tooth

    Curry Pineapple??? Wha't the. I must try that sometime. Also what is sousboontjies? Sounds interesting. Please let us know Firefly,my curiosity is aroused and I am feeling a bit hungry at the moment. Great vibrant shot. Tell that guy to set up a stall next to the football Stadium. Give them overpaid footballers a sugar rush.

  2. Gaelyn

    I love home made jams and wonder what sousboontijies is. Wonder if I can ship food items back to the US. You've captured the colorful variety very well Jonker.

  3. Paula

    Such beautiful choices. It must have been hard to decide!

  4. Leif Hagen

    Looks like a yummy and interesting variety! Delicious photo!

  5. Chuck Pefley

    Fabulous prices. This must be hobby driven as I'd think the cost of ingredients plus the time to make would have to exceed the sales price.

  6. Firefly

    I'm at a loss for a translation for sousboontjies, but sous is sauce and boontjies are beans. Its basically a bean preserve and eaten as a salad.

  7. Oh – that looks great! And I love the recycled jars 🙂 Will have to visit next time I'm in town.