Mother and children

Yesterday’s post I did about the Port Elizabeth Cenotaph wasn’t the first featuring this great memorial.  A little while ago I received a comment on a previous post featuring the Cenotaph from Andy Gardner in Durban.  Andy’s father was James Gardner who designed the memorial and also did the sculptures which are part of it.  On two sides of the memorial are sculptures, one representing a mother and child and the other St George, placed so for the purpose of symmetry.  The woman symbolises the warrior’s wife protecting the home while St George represents those who have done their duty by crushing the evil threatening our homes.  The mother is seated and has gathered the child in her arms for protection, whilst on her face the expression is of the calm.
In his comment Andy said that that the woman was his Grandmother, Doris Gardner, while the boy is his father Frank (the artists himself) and the baby girl his Aunt Bubbles. There is no way I would have known something like that if it wasn’t for this blog and the readers sending me this kind of information. 

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  1. I love to get this kind of information from people who discover my blog. I got an email 2 days back from a chap who lived across the road from a local church many years ago and who now lives in Australia. He attended the Sunday School and his aunts husbands family were on a memorial I posted about.I love the story about this real family memorial.

  2. Caroline

    How fascinating. She looks like a most formidable lady!

  3. Andy Gardner

    Hi All. Wow, never thought for a moment my comments would develop so much interest. Just a few corrections Jonker. My Grand father, James Gardner was the sculptor. My Grand mother, Doris Gardner was the model for the woman. My Dad, Frank Gardner was the model for the boy and my Aunt Bubbles was the model for the Girl. Now for the bad news. My Aunt Bubbles Tragically died shortly after a motor accident in PE in December 2013. What a fool I was to never contact the papers while she was alive and let a first hand account of this beautiful memorial be laid open to the public. Shows you, never delay – it might be too late !!Regards Andy Gardner – Durban (Anyone interested will find me on Face book – same name)

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