Sunday stroll at the beachfront market

On Sunday at about lunchtime, the Damselfly and I headed down to the beachfront for a walk along the stalls at the Kings Beach Fleamarket.  I'm sure many will agree with me that the flea market isn't what it used to be anymore, BUT... and I have to add this as a counter for everybody who keeps saying that going to walk at the flea market is a total waste of time.  Taking a walk through the flea market still…

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Kings Beach market

Last Sunday we went for a walk along the Kings Beach Flea-market.  Something we haven't had time for on a Sunday for quite a while.  Although you can still pick up a few very nice things for gifts and souvenirs (and there were a few tourists and locals doing just that), it really isn't what it used to be a few years ago.  Such a pity really as it's always been a very popular family pastime to go for a…

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Kings Beach flea market

Every Sunday the walkway next to Marine Drive at Kings Beach get turned into the Kings Beach Fleamarket.  The market is a mixture of hand made goods, African craft and curious and fong kong sunglasses, bags, wallets and clothing.  The perfect spot for a Sunday morning walk and a bit of shopping. 

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Art in the Park stall

If it's the last Sunday of the month it means that its time for Art in the Park and when the weather is beautiful then it is the perfect excuse for a Sunday morning outing to St Georges Park.  I have to admit that Art in the Park isn't anywhere close to what it used to be, but it doesn't mean that people support it any less.  I did hear two stall holders chatting about the fact that there are…


Wholesome Market

On the first Saturday of every month the Wholesome Market takes place at Holmeleigh Farm out on Kragga Kamma Road.  The market started out with a bang towards the latter part of last year and seem to have now settled down into its own rhythm.  Not as big as it was in the beginning, the market still has a very nice blend of hand made items and food products catering for both young and old.  There is also activities for…



I popped down to the Schoenmakerskop village market last weekend to stock up on my favorite marmalade. I don't like the normal bitter marmalades and the lady who has this specific stand has a couple of sweet marmalade varieties in addition to the bitter ones. Suddenly I feel like toast and marmalade...


Schoenies market

We popped into the Schoenmakerskop Flea Market this morning for a quick squize. Its not one of those big markets but something a little bit more intimate. This one particular stall had a huge range of jams, preserves and pickled items at the most unbelievable prices. Usually you would pay about R20 or R25 for a bottle of jam. This guy was selling them for about R12 (not even $2 US) each. Needles to say, my mom who was visiting…


More Wholesome Market

Yesterday I posted a pic of one of the food stalls at this weekend's Wholesome Market. Today I want to add a pic taken inside the craft tent at the market. The crafts where mostly handmade stuff ranging from jewelry and clothes to toys and Christmas decorations.


Govan Mbeki Road traders

About a year or so ago the municipality had the top section of Govan Mbeki Road (previously Main Street) up to the City Hall developed into a pedestrian walkway with stalls and space for street traders to work from. The actual street is now a one lane one way towards the City Hall just behind the traders (towards the right hand side of the photo). A lot of the stalls are still empty, but there is loads of potential for…


St Albans Farmers Market

Every Saturday there is a Farmers Market at the Van Stadens Dutch Reformed Church in St Albans west of Port Elizabeth. You will find everything from fresh vegetables to home made biscuits and knitted toys. The most popular stall must be the one selling farm breakfasts. Bacon, egg, sausage, onions and toast for R20. A real bargain. If you don't feel like bacon and eggs, try the sosatie rolls at the stall next door. Yum!