Ron Belling Art Gallery

My favorite art gallery in Port Elizabeth is the Ron Belling Art Gallery on Park Drive close to St Georges Park. I recently also did a post about it on The Firefly Photo Files.
Ron Belling (1933 – 1998) was a Port Elizabeth architect, aviation and marine painter, and an authority on aviation history, aircraft design, aircraft camouflage and markings. The most amazing fact about him was that he was a self taught painter who could do the most amazing things with a paint brush.

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  1. Karin

    Wow, are those paintings? They are amazing, they look like photographs!

  2. Janet

    I must get MIL to take me there when we’re in PE again! Looks really interesting!

  3. Jacob

    I can see why you like this place. And this artist is very, very good. Nice shot.

  4. Anonymous

    The man was so talented – and Bravo to PE for having a gallery dedicated to talent! Good to see that the arts are still alive.

  5. Jeanne

    I took my dad here when I was in PE last month – not only for the beautiful paintings (hard to believe he was self-taught!) but also for the fantastically restored art deco building that houses it. Bravo to the Gutsche family for preserving this wonderful collection of art (and architecture) for PE.

  6. Pamela

    He also did the most amazing abstracts and paintings without the boats and planes but they are rarely seen. I love the first one above, it is the Swartkops River mouth, and if you look at the background the water is done so remarkably.

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