Bus station mural

The Bus Station Mural by 4 Blind Mice which forms part of Route 67 is probably the one piece which I would love to have seen somewhere else.  Not because I think that it doesn’t fit perfectly in the bus station, but because I would love more people to see it.  Its colourful and vibrant and I absolutely love it for that.  The mural celebrates public transport and the daily journeys undertaken by the people of the city.

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  1. Gaelyn

    That mural should certainly brighten things up a bit.

  2. Anonymous

    Amazing! So good to see something positive happening in the centre of P.E. It was such a lovely shopping area years ago, now just a dump.

  3. Love the cartoonish style of this mural. No doubt it can brighten the place and the mood of travelers. Please consider linking to the Monday Mural meme. It goes up Sunday nights 8 PM Pacific Standard Time and stays open for three days. You're most welcome to join us in sharing murals we find.

  4. Christo

    Well thank you very much. It was really good project to work on.