Scuba diving party in Port Elizabeth

Parties are getting more and more sophisticated.  Back in our days it was kids coming over and eating cake and sweets while watching a video and playing.  These days parents are pulling out all the stops to make a child's birthday party a memorable one and with two kids, a boy and a girl, we've been to everything. Movies, ice skating, trampoline park, pool parties, supertube, survival parties and more.  But Drama Princess had a first the other day.  A…

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Things to do in Port Elizabeth this summer – Grab a backpack and take a hike

There is an Afrikaans folk song that goes, Dis heerlike Lente, die Winter's verby... (It's time for Spring now that Winter has passed - doesn't quite roll off the tongue the same in English though) which means Summer is fast approaching.  Longer days, better weather and spending more time outdoors over weekends.  Plus the holiday season is coming up quicker than my sausage dogs when I open the fridge.  With an eye on said better weather and upcoming holiday season, I…


Boardwalk Fountain Spectacular

[youtube=]Looking for a video to post today I came across this one of the Boardwalk Fountain Spectacular.  It looks like an advert for Aquatique Show who could be the company who installed the fountains at the Boardwalk.  The video is spectacular and really shows off how awesome this show really is.


Boardwalk Lake

This is post #4 in the Boardwalk series of this week.  The Boardwalk lake forms the centre of the complex with the retail, food and entertainment areas all surrounding it.  The lake is also where the Fountain Spectacular with its colourful lights and music takes place every evening.


Anton Momberg’s Route 67 sculpture

Route 67 on the Donkin Reserve in Port Elizabeth has some really interesting art pieces ranging from real taxi's mounted on a wall to the 470 square meter Piazza Mosaic next to the Pyramid.  Then there's also the Voting Line with Madiba's figure at the front standing under the tallest flag pole in South Africa sporting a 10 m x 15 m South African flag.   Looking across the reserve towards Algoa Bay stands a lone female figure on a pedestal. (Shouldn't men put all women on…

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Sunny day by the Pier

Today is National Human Rights Day in South Africa and the start of silly season as far as public holidays go over the next two months.  Lots of long weekends to come which means lots of opportunities for break aways and #shotleft weekend. From the looks of it we are in for a beautiful weekend this weekend and here's hoping that all the others would be the same.  Stunning autumn weather is just as good as summer so the PE beachfront…

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The biggest South African flag

Over the last few years Port Elizabeth has had a couple of new landmarks go up that has very much become part of the city's landscape.  The Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, the Boardwalk Hotel, the wind farm turbines and the great flag on the Donkin Reserve.  The great flag forms part of Route 67 and flies on top of the second tallest flag pole in Africa.  At 65 meters tall its only shorter than a pole in Angola.  The flag itself…


Saluting Madiba

For years now people have wondered what will happen if Nelson Mandela had to die.  Many hoped that they would never have to see the day and that Madiba will live forever.  But he was just a man after all.  Not an ordinary man though.  A very special man.  Many white (sic) people saw him as a terrorist as he fought for the freedom of this country.  I say this country because although the fight against Apartheid was seen by many as…


Frames Reservoir – Port Elizabeth’s oldest dam

Growing up I wanted to be an archaeologist.  Somebody like Indiana Jones who discovered lost cities, found ancient artefacts and went places that most can just dream of.  So now I work in tourism and love travelling with the explorer in me always waiting just below the surface.  Since I started Geocaching my explorer persona gets released on a regular basis.  I may not go in search of artefacts but looking for a cache feels like the same thing.  Don't think I can call the…


Riding PE’s miniature trains

Ketik ketik... ketik ketik... ketik ketik... The sound of the train's wheels on the tracks.  A sound which so many kids these days have never heard before.  Everybody loves to ride on a train doesn't matter if its a luxurious tourist train, a cross country train, a day trip tourist train, a commuter train or, in the case of this post, little miniature trains.  On the first Sunday of the month Port Elizabeth parents gather their kids, pack picnic baskets and head down to…