Birthday Party

Chaos Boy turned seven on 14 April while we were away camping over Easter Weekend. Last Saturday was his party and this whole week I’ve been wanting to post a couple of pics.

The general theme of the party was boats with the Damselfly keeping the theme constant through the invites and birthday cake as usual. At least this cake wasn’t as complicated to make as some of the other ideas she has come up with in the past.
Other than the party packs for the kids, we cater a bit for the adults as well. After a couple of years of boerewors (farm style sausage for those who don’t know the term) rolls, we have now reverted to a big snack platter.

The kids had a swim and then decided that it was too cold to play outside *???* and headed for the bedrooms. The little girls were playing in Drama Princess’ room, while the boys were trashing playing in Chaos Boy’s room.

Then it was time to open the presents…

… and show it off

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  1. { jamie }

    Love the cake! Looks like a great party!

  2. Avril

    Happy Birthday Dylan!! Love the cake! I also used do these homemade novelty cakes – always great fun to put together! This one is great with it’s magnificent sails and little sailors on deck! Fun party!!

  3. Jeanette

    Looks like it was a great party. I’m starting to organise Bradley’s party, and I think I’m going to do the platter thing too.

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