River pool foofy slide

After spending two days going down the slippery slide with the kids at Sleepy Hollow my Boet and I decided to go and try out the foofy slide (zipline) at the main swimming hole.  Now I’m not one who is very comfortable with heights and I get nervous if I have to lift my feet anywhere higher than mother earth herself.  That coupled with the unknown speed of the zipline, submerged rocks next to the bank and… the worry of how long I could actually hold my own weight meant that it took a bit of time to get the guts  gather my wits.  Then there was the need to calculate the wind speed and direction, zipline angle and everything else that I had to be sure of before zipping down the cable and letting go over the black (and very cold) water of the swimming hole.  So in the picture you can see a flying Firefly just before the big splash.  Oh yes, I just want to mention that I kept on going long after my Boet had decided to stop.  My inner child crawled out again.

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  1. Gaelyn

    Seems like it was little boy Jonker's day.

  2. bumblebee

    …”flying Firefly”…. has a ring to it… flying looks awesome… with a cape, you'd be Batman 😉

  3. igitur

    No more GPS coordinates? 🙁

  4. igitur

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Firefly

    I mark all the photo sites on the Blogspot location app which shows at the bottom of each post. It will show you the location on a Google Map. Its a lot less effort than going to Google Earth every time to find a GPS coordinate.

  6. igitur

    Ah got it. I use an RSS client to read your posts, and it doesn't display there. But now I know where to find it. Maybe there's a Blogspot setting somewhere to include the footer in the RSS/Atom feed?

  7. Caroline

    Looks like fun. Had a great time browsing through your photos – missed a bit as we have been away and out of cellphone and internet reception doing the Otter Trail. Sleepy Hollow looks like a wonderful place to go. Wish my boys were young again – they would have loved it so much.

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