Foofy slide to a river pool

One of the kids at Chaos Boy's birthday party foofy sliding into one of the Maitland River pools at Sleepy Hollow.  They were slightly apprehensive at first as the water looks pitch black, as most deep river pools do, but once they got going they didn't want to stop.

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Exit the tunnel

I snapped this pic of one of the boys at Chaos Boy's birthday party as he walked out of one of the mines at Sleepy Hollow where the party took place.  I just liked the shot for some reason.

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Chaos Boy turns 13 at Sleepy Hollow

Chaos Boy turns 13 today (I can't believe he's a teenager now) and he wanted to have an outdoor "Survivor" party.  We decided that the best place to have an outdoor party would be at Sleepy Hollow and this morning we headed out there with eight kids for a day of hiking, swimming in the Maitland River's pools, foofy sliding, slippery sliding and exploring the old mines.My best attempt at a Survivor cakeHighlights of the day


Otter droppings at Sleepy Hollow

I've visited Sleepy Hollow a couple of times now and the one thing I would still love to see is an otter.  How do I know there are some? Because last time I found otter droppings on the rocks around one of the river pools right up in the valley.


Sleepy Hollow mines

One of the main features at Sleepy Hollow outside PE is the old abandoned silver and lead mines dating back to the late 1700's.  When we go and camp at Sleepy Hollow we normally take our strong torches along to go for a walk down the old mine shaft.  Last time I was there I didn't venture too far in though as I forgot my torch and there were a couple of bats sweeping in and out in the late afternoon. …

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Activities at Sleepy Hollow

We are busy organising Chaos Boy's 13th birthday party and decided to have a day out with his friends at Sleepy Hollow in the Maitland River Valley.  I went to dig out a couple of photos I took at Sleepy Hollow in December when we last popped in there for a visit.  I went for a walk up the river with Drama Princess and she is always willing to play the model if I need one for a photo.  This…

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Maitland River

There is an Afrikaans song that says that if you get tired of life in the city you have to go for a walk in the countryside.  In Port Elizabeth we are very very fortunate to have a lot of countryside right on our doorstep withing the city boundaries.  Places like the Baakens Valley, Sacramento Trail, Cape Recife, Kragga Kamma area and Maitland River Valley to mention only a few.