Fun on the Maitland dune

There is nothing more fun for a kid, and I say kid liberally as some of us adults are still kids at heart as well, than to go and climb the Maitland sand dune on a Sunday morning. Even better, take an old boogie board or carton box along and go and slide down the dune. And if you don't have one of those, just run full tilt and jump.

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A Ninja Turtle problem in East London

I was in East London a couple of weeks ago and noticed the neighbourhood watch board on the guesthouse gate.  Neighbourhood watch groups do an amazing job getting residents together and curbing crime in residential areas and I live in a suburb with a very active neighbourhood watch. Looking at this board though I thought to myself that we're very lucky in our area not to have a Ninja Turtle problem like they do in East London.

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Beach fun at “The Rock”

When we were small one of our favorite places to go on a Sunday afternoon was "The Rock".  The Rock refers to the rock below Something Good with the gap through which the waves wash into the little natural tidal pool.  Today we spent a couple of hours on the beach and Miggie and her friend Dinky had a great time leaping off the rocks into the swimming hole. For some reason I forgot my camera at home but luckily…

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When a game ranger goes above and beyond

A lot of people have the policy that if you want something done you have to do it yourself, especially if you don't really have anybody to delegate to.  But even then you need somebody to push a rock out of the way for you every now and then.  I had a funny "push a rock out the way" moment on a game drive at Mount Camdeboo Game Reserve outside Graaff-Reinet the other day.  We weer driving up the mountain…

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It’s not just always out and about with me

Some people think I'm always out and about, traveling all over getting to explore, experience, have fun and take photos.  Well, let's just say I put in way more office time driving my desk than being out there.  It just looks the other way around.  Today is such a day and with no photos in stock to post for today you will have to bear with me as I post a picture of my desk.  Right now I'm busy with…

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Camping at Vloedbos in the Overberg – a winning option all around

Every year we go on a camping over the summer school holiday.  We're not the "return to the same place year after year" type of campers as we want to explore and discover new places.  As we live in Port Elizabeth and by the sea, we're also not bothered by coastal holidays which tends to be windy in summer and effects us badly as we camp in tents.  After a lot of searching and researching, we settled on Vloedbos in…


A Labyrinth is not a Maze

What is the difference between a maze and a labyrinth.  Although the two terms are basically synonymous, there is a difference.  In this case a maze refers to a complex branching multicursal puzzle with choices of path and direction, while a unicursal labyrinth has only a single path to the center. A labyrinth in this sense has an unambiguous route to the center and back and is not difficult to navigate.The difference between the two meant the KidZ learned something during our…

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Fun with science

When it comes to fun science, everybody becomes a child.  It's no difference at the NMB Science and Technology Centre in Uitenhage.  There are so many fun and fascinating things to try.  Things like lying down on a bed of nails to just name one.  Another one that always fascinates me is the floating ball.  How do they do it?   

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Croc on the beach at Lauries Bay

The wild Croc is not endemic to the Eastern Cape so I was very surprised to find one basking in the sun and taking a rest between the rocks at Lauries Bay on the Wildside.  It wasn't threatening at all so I got nice and close to get a photo before leaving him alone.  He probably would have left at the next high tide.  


Farm worker fishermen in the Gamtoos Valley

Spending time in a place is more than just staying in accommodation establishments, eating in restaurants, visiting attractions end enjoying beautiful scenery.  The buzz word these days are experiences and an experience doesn't necessarily have to be an formal one.  Sometimes you see something interesting and making a quick stop can turn into a whole experience on its own.  Spending a weekend Shot Left in Hankey in the Gamtoos Valley while staying at The Milk House we ventured out on the Saturday…

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