Maitland River mouth

The view of Maitland River mouth as you come down the road from Beachview side The Maitland River west of Port Elizabeth really isn't much to write home about. It originates somewhere between the N2 and the sea so isn't very long. Probably not even close to 20km in length. It flows down through Sleepy Hollow farm and then the Maitland Nature Reserve before the last little bit past the famous Maitland sand dune to the sea. The small lagoon…

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Here comes the dune

One moment you are leisurely strolling with your toes in the sand next to the Maitland River and the next instant sweat is pouring down your forehead as you climb THE dune.

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The road past Beachview

How about a little roadtrip around PE? Start on the beachfront and follow Marine Drive along the Wildside to Schoenmakerskop, around to Sardinia Bay and then onto the Seaview Road to Seaview, Beachview and Maitland (perhaps as far as the Van Stadens Wildflower Reserve), before returning along Kragga Kamma Road to Port Elizabeth. This is what the road past Beachview on the way to Maitland looks like. Views for ages.

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Fun on the Maitland dune

There is nothing more fun for a kid, and I say kid liberally as some of us adults are still kids at heart as well, than to go and climb the Maitland sand dune on a Sunday morning. Even better, take an old boogie board or carton box along and go and slide down the dune. And if you don't have one of those, just run full tilt and jump.

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My name is Firefly and I like long walks on the beach

Maitland Beach stretching off toward Blue Horizon Bay One of the things I missed most under lock down is going for a walk, and with that I don't mean taking the dogs for a walk around the block. With restrictions lifting a bit and being allowed to go for a hike again, I'm keen to get into one of the nature reserves around PE and to hit a trail. What I miss most though is a long walk on the…

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Maitlands from the air

[youtube=]Last week's Video Friday post was one by Renaldo Gouws showing off Shark Rock Pier and surrounds.  This week I'm sharing his video with drone footage of the Maitlands area.  We really are fortunate to have such beautiful coastal areas around Port Elizabeth and it's great seeing it from another angle in Renaldo's videos.

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Sunset over Maitland time lapse

[youtube=]This week's Video Friday post is another of Duncan Noakes' time lapse videos.  This time a stunning sunset time lapse over Maitland.

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Maitland view

If you had to start walking along the beach from Maitland you will pass Blue Horizon Bay, Van Stadens River Mouth, Gamtoos River Mouth and Kabeljous before getting to Jeffrey's Bay.  Miles and miles (literally) of sandy beach.  I've always wanted to do it.  Maybe... someday.

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Foofy slide to a river pool

One of the kids at Chaos Boy's birthday party foofy sliding into one of the Maitland River pools at Sleepy Hollow.  They were slightly apprehensive at first as the water looks pitch black, as most deep river pools do, but once they got going they didn't want to stop.

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