Move that dump!!!!

If the current online petition to get the Manganese Ore Dump moved is successful, scenes like this will become a thing of the past. This is the loading jetty for the ore, and the large red ship is a bulk ore carrier. Hopefully our harbour area will soon be free of the pall of black dust that flies around whenever the wind blows…….. and need I remind you that we have the nickname “the windy city”!

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  1. Firefly

    The ore dumps and petrol tanks must go. And the sooner the better. I’m glad that it seems that the municipality and politicians are now coming to the party as well to put pressure on Transnet.

  2. Anonymous

    We all need to play our part in keeping this issue on the boil – the petitions passed the 3000 mark today and we are manning tables every weekend to get as many residents as possible to also make their objections known – Dean Biddulph Cllr Ward 2