The Queen Elizabeth visits Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth is slowly becoming a more and more popular stopover spot for cruise ships.  Today the city was extremely fortunate to have the Queen Elizabeth visit for the day.  The Queen Elizabeth is a Vista-class cruise ship operated by the Cunard Line.  She is the second largest ship constructed for Conurd, exceeded only by its sister ship Queen Mary 2.  The ship was launched in January 2010 and had her maiden voyage in October of that year. Although you could…

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Framed fishing boat

Last Sunday there was a cold wind blowing and it really wasn't beach weather.  Saturday afternoon already the Damselfly said that she wanted to go for a walk on the beach Sunday so come the day she wasn't going to allow the weather to put her off.  The walk was very short though but I still took the opportunity to snap a pic or two.  One of those was this one of a fishing boat at anchor in the bay…

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Coega in the distance

Coega Harbour seen from Bluewater Bay Beach. Notice the two oil rigs currently being worked on in the harbour.

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Yacht Club yachts

I don't get to go to the harbor that often.  It doesn't help that security is tight to get it so when I do its because of something that is on at the Algoa Bay Yacht Club.  This was the case a week or so ago when I was invited to a function at the Yacht Club by Raggy Charters.  I would still love to go out with them one day, but this was a more special occasion to celebrate…

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Ships in Algoa Bay

Port Elizabeth is the only city in South Africa with two commercial harbours that can accommodate big ships.  The Port Elizabeth Harbour has been around since the 1930's while the Coega deep water harbour has been in operation for about a decade now.  Although the two isn't as busy as Durban Harbour which is the busiest in Africa and the 10th busiest in the world (or something like that), we have a fair amount of ship traffic in the bay. …

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Red, white and blue fishing boats

Last week I got to attend an event at the Algoa Bay Yacht Club to celebrate a couple of awards won by Port Elizabeth's marine tour and whale watching operator  Raggy Charters.  I noticed these three red, white and blue fishing boats tied up to each other and just had to snap a pic.  Oh, say! can you see by the dawn's early light....

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Ships in the Bay in B&W

A couple of ships at anchor in Algoa Bay seen from the top of the Donkin Lighthouse... in black and white

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Fishing boats in the harbour

Standing at the top of the Campanile one tends to wonder how many have never seen the views from up here.  I can understand somebody who is unable to climb for whatever reason not to go to the top, but most others who have never been there is probably to some degree just too lazy to take the 204 steps to the top.  So kick those lazy bones in under the bed and be adventurous.  The climb won't kill you…

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