Motherwell storm water canal

The Swartkops River has huge pollution problems which emanates mainly from polluted water that flows into the system from storms water canals containing raw sewerage and many tons of litter and waste.¬† One of these are the Motherwell storm water canal which can be seen close to the start of the Flamingo Trail.¬† Its truly sad to see such an important¬†wetlands area polluted in this way and although there are plans in place to counter it, there are a lot…

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African Penguin

St Croix Island in Algoa Bay is home to the biggest African Penguin colony in the world. Unfortunately the number of penguins on the island has drastically reduced over the last couple of years and the reason for this basically comes down to pollution and over fishing. SAMREC (SA Marine Rehabilitation and Education Centre) at Cape Recife takes in marine animals and birds that is injured or effected by pollution and does a great job nursing and caring for them…


Save the planet…..Recycle

It is utterly crazy that in a city the size of Port Elizabeth, no municipal structures exist for the recycling of waste. Luckily, for those of us who care more about the planet than our town fathers (and mothers!) do, these enterprising ladies have set up a company called Greencycle, to help with recycling in PE. For a nominal monthly fee, they will collect your plastic, metal, glass and paper waste, and make sure it is distributed to the correct…


Enjoy it while you still can…..

Despite a huge amount of opposition from local residents, and despite the fact that much of the land they plan to use is an historic burial ground for the Mfengu people who lived in Richmond Hill in the 1800s, the PWD and Police seem determined to go ahead and erect a 4 storey eyesore on the site next to this lovely historic building. They will effectively block most views of it, as well as casting the park into shade for…


Move that dump!!!!

If the current online petition to get the Manganese Ore Dump moved is successful, scenes like this will become a thing of the past. This is the loading jetty for the ore, and the large red ship is a bulk ore carrier. Hopefully our harbour area will soon be free of the pall of black dust that flies around whenever the wind blows........ and need I remind you that we have the nickname "the windy city"!