Late early still… is tired

I are tired… tired is I.  Probably more like exhausted.  Makes it feel even worse when you go home, got to stop at the shop and join a queue of 30 people to buy electricity (yes I know I’ve got to register to do it from my phone if I can find the time), pick up one of the kids and rush off to drop them back at school for their school concert (which is going to be all week), then back home to eat something before rushing to buy milk before the store close and pick up Drama Princes again.  Somewhere the sun went down way too early and I seem to remember that I snapped a pic to try and sum up my day.  And that was just today.  Did I mention the last few weeks have been something like that between work, family, work, kids, work, family, work and everything and everybody else wanting a piece of me?  Say what? It’s the first of August? Already? Or only? I need to recharge my batteries.