Primary School Musical

Drama Princess and all her fellow pupils (and obviously all the teachers) at Newton Park Primary School have been hard over the last few weeks rehearsing for the schools musical play that gets staged every few years.  The production includes each and every child with each class contributing a different scene to the show.  This year’s story, being narrated by Little Red Riding-hood started with The Big Bad Wold getting bored with being the bad guy and walking away.  He then changes his mind when he realised how boring his life had become and started a return journey along with superhero Flash. 
The production started last night with the second show this morning for a number of preschools, tonight’s production and then the final evening on Thursday.  Tickets for the shows have been sold out for every night and we were fortunate to have front row seats.  The teachers and kids outdid themselves and although there is probably a lot of schoolwork to catch up on, they can be very proud of a job very well done.