Slow paddle up the Sundays River

A local fisherman paddling up the calm Sundays River at Colchester. It is funny how many people think the river is named for the fact that a lot of people go out to Sundays River over weekends and specially on Sundays to go and enjoy the river and its environs. The name actually comes from the Zondagh family that farmed higher up in the river in the 1800’s.

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  1. Jacob

    A most pleasant photograph. Appears to be a nice place to spend an afternoon – fishing, or just paddling along…

  2. Sakiwi

    Do you have any photos of the new Coega harbour development, close to Colchester? The road stall just up the road from Colchester – where the roads to Port Alfred and Cradock split – serves the most delicious roosterkoek!

  3. Firefly

    Sakiwi, I don’t have any pictures from the new Coega Harbour, but I will see if I can take some next time I’m out in that area.

  4. Jeanne

    Lovely shot, so peaceful. I’d also never heard where the river got its name – thanks for the info!

  5. Pamela

    This is a really wonderful photo. So peaceful

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