Nieu Bethesda Fossil Centre

I love Indiana Jones and when I was younger I wanted to be an archaeologist discovering lost civilisations and crawling through jungles looking for artifacts. I still have an great interest in archaeology and have a small collection of fossils and other interesting bits which I hope to still add to in future. So on a visit to Nieu Bethesda in the Karoo I reveled in the knowledge that I would be able to visit the Kitching Fossil Exploration Centre next to the world famous Owl House.

The Karoo is one of the richest fossil treasure chests in the world. Going through the centre visitors can see some of these fossils as well as models of what some of the prehistoric animals from the area would have looked at.

A guide then takes you to a nearby river bed and point out some of the fossils visible and embedded in the rock. How I wish I could get my hands on one or two of the specimens from that area. They would truly be great additions to my collection.

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  1. Avril

    Another interesting spot you've been too!! My daughter-in-law's sister studied archaeology at university and has never used her degree – how sad is that?!

  2. Gaelyn

    I too have a love for geology, paleontology and archeology. I knew I should have been looking closer for fossils when in ZA. Very cool place to visit. Never give up hope, you can have a second or third career.

  3. Marka

    Neato! Fossils were never my thing, but history has always fascinated me.

  4. Philip

    I believe there is a Cat sanctuary near there am I right for small wild cats ? I wanted to go there in December last year on the way to CT I stopped off at MurrysBurg cause my in law's stay there but didn't get a chance to go.