Ironman out at sea

Ironman series #3: This is the furthest turning point in Algoa Bay on the Ironman swim. They swim a total of 3,8km which is made up of two legs of 1,7km each. After the first leg they run out onto the beach before turning back into the surf. I can imagine at this point one’s arms must feel like they are about to fall off. I was told that unless you are amongst the leaders, the choppy sea is the least of your worries. All the swimmers around you churns the water up even more and there is a lot of accidental bumping and kicking going on.

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  1. Zane

    The water is so murky. Glad I did not dive in the soup this weekend. I avoid the crowds so it is wonderful that you braved the masses to get these photos. The swim leg is quite something to complete as most people have no idea how far a 1 kilometre swim actually is, let alone 3.8 kilometres.

  2. Gaelyn

    These folks really are amazing.

  3. Northender

    So that was you with the camera stuck onto your swimming cap!