Fishing at Montagu Caravan Park

In the post about Montagu Caravan Park I mentioned that the caravan park has a dam that is a very popular fishing spot with the campers.  At times the kids (and adults) were lined up next to the dam casting and reeling in.  Now I’m not a big fisherman.  I enjoying doing it for 15 or 20 minutes and then I get bored, so I don’t really have the patience to be a fisherman.  I’ll rather sit and watch animals in the wild or go for a walk somewhere with my camera in my hand.  The Kidz on the other hand headed up to the dam every day and luckily there were two dads (and one mom) who took them under their wings as far as the fishing went and helped them out with the rods we rented from the park shop.


Drama Princess literally spent hours sitting by the water watching people fish and couldn’t wait to get her hands on a fishing rod. She actually did very well and hooked quite a few which the adults then helped her to bring in and take the hook out.
As soon as the hooks were out she would grab the fish (if I was there she would pose for a photo) and then go and release it very gently. The one day her fish (in picture) was probably the biggest one caught that day.
Chaos Boy on the other hand gets bored and distracted very quickly and I didn’t think he would enjoy fishing. He did try it a couple of times but couldn’t really sit and wait. He would cast and reel in, cast and reel in. Perhaps he should try fly fishing. 
He did catch one or two fish when he did sit still for longer than 5 seconds, but he wasn’t keen at all to actually touch the fish and somebody had to hold the fish for him so that I could take a photo.

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  1. Desiree

    Very cute, both of your little ones and so different from each other in temperament. Enjoy these days. They pass far too quickly.

  2. Gaelyn

    Great that the kids got try fishing. I'm with you and Chaos Boy, boring.