Tsitsikamma coastline – 500th post

Late afternoon scene on the Tsitsikamma coast.


Today is the 500th post on this blog. When I started the blog it was intended to just be a place to show off my photos and the place I live in. Since then it has evolved a little bit and has also become what I would like to call an unofficial photographic guide to South Africa, it’s places and nature.
Often I wonder if it is worth all the effort if I look at posts with only 2 or 3 comments, but if I check out Google Analytics I do find that the blog gets a lot more hits than the comments would suggest. It would be nice though to get a couple more comments. To my regular followers, thank you for your continued visits and support; and to those who stumble on this for the first time, I hope you will become a regular and pop in to say hi every now and then. Here is to the next 500 posts.

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    I just love the tone and composition of this.

  2. Avril

    Congratulations on your 500th !!! I love your blog and photos that go with it! Insight into what's it like in your part of this beautiful country of ours! Keep it up .. I really do enjoy it ! Your photos are amazing!

  3. Avril

    P.S. I'm only on 383 !! But I don't post every day !

  4. Gaelyn

    I loved the Tsitsikamma coastline. So rugged.Congrats on making it to 500. You do an awesome job of sharing your part of ZA.I'm about 15 behind you. Know what you mean about lots more hits than comments. But at least we know they're getting out there. Keep up the great work Jonker.

  5. Jo

    Congratulations on your 500th post! Holy doodle, time flies. :-)I love looking at your photos of South Africa,Cheers,Jo

  6. Marcelle

    500th..wow, maar jy werk baie hard om vir ons mooi foto's te vys van ons mooi land, Suid Afrika…Okay my Afrikaans sucks I wanted to say congratulations and I have seen more of SA through your eyes than I have with living there for over 42 years…so thank you for that.

  7. Zane

    500 is a big number. 1000 is not far off. Congratulations.Great photograph.

  8. Perry

    No comment. :-)I'm only 75 ahead and expect you to catch up quickly as you post more often than I. You are the SA welcome committee to me. Keep up the good work.**I have/had the same thoughts about comments, views, etc. I started linking to the daily attractions, like Skywatch Friday, Ruby Tuesday, Monochrome Weekend, etc. (I'm sure you noticed.) I get more comments that way and have actually picked up a couple followers too. Think about that, if you have the time. (I made a cheat sheet of links and html just to paste into each post for a particular day of the week. If you have an interest, let me know.)

  9. Marka

    Kudos on your 500th post! Here's to at least another 500!

  10. Congrats Jonker. Don't worry if you do not get a lot of comments. My blog also took a long time to get going and looking at the stats I saw that I was getting a couple of hundred people looking every day but only a few commenting and I for one am okay with that.

  11. Steffi

    Congrats to your 500 th post!I love to read in your blog because all your photos are fantastic and your post very interesting… and last but not least – we have especial affiliation and love to South Africa you know.

  12. leilani

    I love your blog!Thank you for a look at a country where I think the Garden of Eden must of been! 500 posts! congratulations!!

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