Fairview burning

For the last two weeks several fires has been burning in and around the city due to the very dry and hot conditions we are experiencing. There is an big undeveloped area close to us called Fairview and late last week quite a big fire broke out there. This pic was taken from the corner of Circular Drive and Willow Road.
GPS: 33°58’5.38″S, 25°31’37.07″E

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  1. Gaelyn

    I have much respect for fire and have lived in areas of drought where lightning, even dry, starts fire. Here we've finally awken to the natural cycle of fire, yet work on putting out what may endanger people or structures. Sure makes for hard breathing. Is this causing any road closures and close to homes or bussinesses?Usually makes for great sunsets.11 days left.

  2. Dot

    We get alot of fires during our dry season too! Closes roads and keeps folks out of their homes sometimes…dangerous stuff!