A white December in PE?

December is the start of summer which means that, obviously, we celebrate a beach Christmas rather than a white one like in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Today is anything but a early summers day though. The south-easterly is pumping properly, the sea looks lank angry and foam is being washed and blown onto the beach. I took a drive down to Pollok Beach and found the beach by the gap in the rock covered in snow... Well, not…

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Friday cloud formation

I know I usually post a video from YouTube on Fridays, but today I want to post a picture I took on  y way back to PE from the Tsitsikamma.  Just outside Port Elizabeth I noticed a very interesting cloud formation and snapped a quick photo.  Not long after a friend posted a picture of the same clouds he took from the Donkin on Facebook.  One of the people who commented on it gave an explanation on what it was.…

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Thankful for the rain

What an absolute pleasure the rain was today.  From the sound of it not much fell in the catchment areas which means we need a lot more but I'm sure at least the lawns around town sighed a sigh of relief.

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Clouds over Port Elizabeth

Last weekend while on the beach I noticed this line of clouds moving over Port Elizabeth.  If I didn't know better I would have thought it was a cold front coming in, but these clouds were moving away and this was the back of it.  Was rather striking... 

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Coega wind turbine

Before all these wind farm that have been going up at Jbay, the Tsitsikamma, Blue Horizon Bay and on the Addo Road there was only one.  The very first wind turbine to be erected in the area was the one close to the N2 in the Coega Industrial Development zone.  One that's still standing all by it's lonesome self.  I took a drive through the IDZ today and decided to snap a pic of it.


Refreshing rain

I've done a lot of travelling over the last two weeks but aren't complaining.  I love to road trip for work cause it also gives me the chance to sight see and Geocache while I'm at it.  I had to dash up to East London yesterday and drove back this afternoon.  It's been a hot and humid morning and just after Alexandria I encountered the first drops.  Had rain all the way back and it hasn't really stopped raining.  As…

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Afternoon rainbow

Its been a cold and wet week with close to a 100 mm of rain that has already fallen.  Friday saw a break in the clouds before the next cold front hits us for what seems to be a wet weekend.  On our way home yesterday afternoon the KidZ spotted a full rainbow streaking across the sky and as I drove down our street the one end disappeared behind the houses at the bottom.  I grabbed my camera and just…

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Stormy beachfront

Last week we had some stormy weather pass over Port Elizabeth. Rain, cold and very rough and high seas were the order of the day.  I stopped on my way to work one morning and this was the scene looking towards Humewood and Hobie Beaches.


Approaching storm

If locals didn't realize that it was winter yet, they were reminded a week or two ago when a big coldfront hit and temperatures plummeted.  Suddenly it was freezing outside for a couple of days before normal winters weather resumed.  I was driving back to the office when the coldfront passed over and snapped this pic from the beach at Bird Rock.   

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Ominous skies over Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth sometimes has the tendency to produce four seasons in one day.  A week ago we had a nice hot autumn day that makes one think that we're still in the midst of summer.  During the afternoon the Damselfly and I went on a cruise in Algoa Bay on the Jester and suddenly the weather changed.  Mist and clouds started rolling in from the west without warning and as we cruised back into the harbor the drops started falling.  This…

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