Blood donation #65

This is a public service announcement... of some sort.  The need for blood is real and at any time the blood bank only has a few days worth of blood in stock.  It shouldn't be necessary for special appeals to go out every time the holidays come round or something happens where somebody needs blood urgently.  All of us who are able to donate blood should be doing so on a regular basis which means at least 4 times a…

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Lifesavers in action

I made a quick stop in Bluewater Bay a week or so ago on my way out to Addo.  While taking a couple of photos at the Swartkops River Mouth a team from the Bluewater Bay Surf Lifesaving Club was called out to assist with an incident on the river.  They quickly towed the waveski out to the water and two lifeguards set off upstream. I don't think guys like these get enough credit for what they do.

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Hospital peacocks

The peacocks at the St Georges Hospital is become an institution over the years. I'm not sure where they originally came from, but they are always found in the hospital's gardens. Sometimes they venture down towards Settlers Park, but the safe bet for them is sticking around the hospital with its security guards. Its a common sight seeing the males show off their tail feathers during breeding season, but on the day I was there nobody wanted to oblige.Footnote: Traci…


Sea Rescue boat

I have said so before and I will say so again. The guys of the National Sea Rescue Institude does an awesome job and often doesn't get the credit they deserve from the public. But I am having one of those everything gets critisesed and no credit gets given mornings, so I won't go into this. I took this pic of two of the NSRI guys on their small rubberduck from Shark Rock Pier at the recent Ironman South Africa…


Fairview burning

For the last two weeks several fires has been burning in and around the city due to the very dry and hot conditions we are experiencing. There is an big undeveloped area close to us called Fairview and late last week quite a big fire broke out there. This pic was taken from the corner of Circular Drive and Willow Road..GPS: 33°58'5.38"S, 25°31'37.07"E


Water crisis

While the rest of the country has had wide spread flooding over the last month or so, the parts of the Eastern Cape and Southern Cape, including Port Elizabeth and environs, are in the mids of the worst drought in 150 years. In some areas the situation has entered crisis proportions. Some towns has just about run out of water. Farmers are really struggling and the summer fruit in the Langkloof will be way under par this year. Here in…

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NSRI rescue boat

The NSRI guys on their way to their training exercise last weekend. Its amazing how fast that rubber duck was moving even though the sea was a bit on the rough side. Seeing the way the crew was going about their way in the exercise, I would say that one would be in good hands when they come to rescue you in the case of an ocean disaster.


Savings lives

I know this isn't a typical PE Daily Photo, but I wanted to do a post on donating blood. I am a regular blood donor (42 donations so far) and donate blood four to five times a year. A person can donate blood every 56 days and every time you donate they take an unit which is the equivalent of 480 milliliters.Thousands of people would die daily if there is no sufficient quality blood in stock. If one donates blood,…


Rescue exercise

I popped down to the beachfront last weekend to have a look at the guys (and gals) from NSRI Station 6 here in Port Elizabeth doing an airlift rescue exercise. With summer season at hand and more and more boats out there (both commercial as well as recreational), it is important for their guys to be sharp at all times. I have the utmost respect for the NSRI crews as all of them do it purely on a volunteer basis…