Bloemfontein City Hall

I hope you’re not tired of Bloemfontein yet, but there are still a couple of things to show you.  Bloemfontein’s City Hall is a stately sandstone building designed by Sir Gordon Leithe.  Even though its looks like a very old building from the outside, it was only built in 1935 and is decorated with Italian marble and  Burmese wood. 
I found this very interesting skull design appearing at the bottom of both the towers and thought it quite an interesting feature.

My visit to Bloemfontein was very quick. We got there on the afternoon of a public holiday and left the next morning quite early, so I didn’t get a chance to get a visitor guide to the city giving all the information on the tourists attractions.  Its actually been very difficult finding info to accompany the pics on here over the last couple of days as the stuff on the internet has also been very limited.  Anyway, the picture above is of the building right around the corner from the City Hall and seemingly attached to it.  The only info I could find is that it might possibly be the Clarendon Hall.

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  1. By the amount of pictures you took I thought you had stayed they much longer than that Jonker.It sure has some beautiful buildings.

  2. Gaelyn

    The town is full of interesting buildings, old and to look old. Like the relief.I so rely on the internet for info that isn't always there. Ever find yourself when googling some subject? I always try to collect paper info when traveling to help me learn about a place, but even that isn't always available. I have a small travel bag full of paper from ZA. And I haven't even half posted the trip.

  3. Zane

    Jonker – you really have a soft spot for Bloemfontein – I must admit that the city has some really beautiful buildings.Pity about the flat dull roads to get to Bloemfontein.

  4. Perry

    Great building with fine details. Well done!

  5. Marka

    I agree, the skull design is unique. Such features one does not see unless the time is taken to slow down and examine the building instead of hurrying by.