Aurora Fete

On Saturday the Aurora Special Care Centre’s annual fete took place.  Aurora Hospital is a registered private hospital dedicated to physical rehabilitation and sub acute care of the highest quality.  The fete is always well supported by the community, as it again was on Saturday, and it allows the centre to generate much needed funds for the hospital.  While I was busy browsing through the plant nursery section I heard a Scottish pipe band playing and followed the music to a quad area where the band was playing to residents and visitors. I just love Scottish pipe music and hung around till the end of the performance before heading over to the hand craft section to spend some more money.

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  1. Gaelyn

    Oh how I love to hear the pipes. Wish you'd gotten some sound recorded. What no video on your camera.Glad you spent some money and made your donation. 😉

  2. Steffe

    I can't say that I love Scottish pipe music, but one tune here and there are OK with me.