Rough seas

Last Wednesday I popped down to the beachfront at lunch time to see if I can get a couple of nice pics for this here blog.  There was a howling easterly wind and a very high tide which meant that the sea was very rough.  The waves were just about washing over the whole Hobie Beach right up to the lifeguard hut.  Normally the dry sand is right up to about the 5th pillar from the left. 

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  1. Gaelyn

    Not a lot of sunbathing going on, but a busy sea. Thanks for braving the wind to share this view.

  2. Steffe

    It's a nice scene.Strangely enough we don't have a Shark Rock Pier where I live!

  3. Zane

    Thanks for the water report Jonker – the sea has been wild for 3 months now – terrible news for me – no diving. This is the worst winter that I can remember – in terms of water conditions – please do not post such depressing photos 🙂

  4. Sandy

    Love your blog and photos! Rough seas, indeed.

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