Old Wagon Trail Inn

When you visit a number of the Big 5 game reserves north-east of Port Elizabeth, one can still see what used to be the old wagon trail that lead from Port Elizabeth to Grahamstown. At Kwantu Game Reserve the remains of one of the old wagon trail inns are still visible in one of the valleys. Looking at the ruins it must have been a very popular spot and quite a magnificent building in the early days. If I owned the land, I would probably have turned the site into a lodge using the ruin as the main building.

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  1. Caroline

    How depressing to see it go to rack and ruin – but what a very romantic photo. The stuff of a novel …

  2. Teresa Bitler

    There's something very beautiful, and as Caroline said, romantic about this photo.

  3. Steffe

    I find it interesting to visit places like this, gets you thinking about times gone by.

  4. Max-e

    Such a pity that it is being left to decay