Beachfront flea market

Every Sunday morning the beachfront promenade between the Kings Beach parking area and McArthurs Pool is turned into the Kings Beach Flea Market. Handmade wares share the space with foreigners selling sun glasses and cell phone chargers.  There may be lots of junk (junk being a relative word cause on Sunday my only purchase was a cell phone cover bought from a Nigerian) being sold in between the interesting stuff, but its still worth a hour or so walk enjoying the marvelous sunshine. 

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  1. Greyscale Territory

    A great, sunny street scene! A wonderful place for some casual leisure time!

  2. Seamus

    Wow, haven't been there for a while. Nice to walk down there occasionally though.

  3. Caroline

    Its always fatal for me to go to any street market. I remember trawling round street markets looking for an Arsenal cell phone cover for my youngest son's Nokie 3310! (We eventually found one.)

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