Karoobos and Hofmeyr Museum

On the corner that the main road makes through the little town of Hofmeyr stands a big green “lady” that beckons you to a building that serves a welcoming ginger beer and koeksister to travellers through the Karoo.  Karoobos is what we would call in Afrikaans a real “plattelandse padstal” (country road stall).  They don’t just serve the most delicious meals but also sell jams, homemade products and antiques.
In the back of the building visitors would find the Hofmeyr Museum.  The museum used to be housed somewhere else but had to find a new home due to different circumstances.  The owners of Karoobos at that stage bought some of the museums antiques and then offered the trustees space in the padstal’s building to set up the museum in a safe and accessible environment.

The museum showcase a lot of history, antiques and Africana that is part of the town and tells of its history.  Now it may not be the South African Natural History Museum, but it still plays an important part in retaining and conserving the history of the town.

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  1. Gaelyn

    All kinds of fun old stuff here. Thank goodness there was space offered for these museum pieces.I really liked stopping to eat at the country road stalls.

  2. Now that sure is some combination Jonker – gingerbeer and koeksisters – sounds awful. :)Looks like another fun little place. I wonder how you find them all.

  3. Marka

    Those sorts of places always have the best food and drink. And the museum in back is neat, too!

  4. Ken Worley

    We call that a corner store in the US. It looks like a great place to visit.

  5. Jo

    I love seeing these…! I wish I could visit South Africa one day. Omigoodness…!