Sunday stroll at the beachfront market

On Sunday at about lunchtime, the Damselfly and I headed down to the beachfront for a walk along the stalls at the Kings Beach Fleamarket.  I'm sure many will agree with me that the flea market isn't what it used to be anymore, BUT... and I have to add this as a counter for everybody who keeps saying that going to walk at the flea market is a total waste of time.  Taking a walk through the flea market still…

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Splash Festival crowds

It was Splash Festival time again this Easter weekend and after a bit of a damp squib on Friday, the rest of the weekend turned out rather nicely.  I spent some time at Splash as part of the Luister FM outside broadcast on Sunday and was quite impressed with the amount of people around.  When the wresting started the crowd watching was a bit thin but it quickly grew when Kurt Darren did a performance between two of the early…

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Zip Zap Circus at the Wildsfees

I got to attend the opening function of the SPAR Kirkwood Wildfees tonight and the highlight of the evening was definitely the performance of the Cape Town based Zip Zap Circus.  Zip Zap is featured at the Wildfees for the first time this year and is definitely going to be a very popular addition to the festival.  There are no animal acts and the whole performance are acrobatic and comedy related.  Definitely not to be missed.  The Zip Zap Circus…

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Splash Festival weekend – video

[youtube=]It is Easter Weekend and time for the annual Splash Festival.  After a few lean years, the municipality allocated a proper budget for this year's event again and hopefully it would mean that quality artists and activities would attract more people back to one of the city's flagship event.  The last few years the event has really been reduced in size and quality but from the look of it this year may just be the turning point again.  That is…

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The Wildsfees stage was a winner

This past weekend the ABSA Kirkwood Wildsfees took place in the Sundays River Valley (note how I didn't say Kirkwood as I thought the name is quite obvious).  The Wildsfees has really become a serious contender as a "not to be missed Afrikaans music festival" with all the fringe actives and obligatory stalls and entertainment added on.  The highlight of the weekend is the music on the main stage with some of the best and most highly rated Afrikaans artists in…

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Fresh fruit and veg

On Saturday morning I loaded the family into the car and headed out to the Gamtoos Valley west of Port Elizabeth for the annual Patensie Citrus Festival.  There were a couple of reasons for our little outing the first and foremost being the fact that I loaded a boot full of fresh fruit and vegetables for a fraction of what I would have paid for it in a supermarket in the city.  Plus it was absolutely farm fresh.  The Gamtoos Valley…


Priory Fair

Today's post is a case of better late than never.  The reason for being late is the Mohair series I posted last week which started before I downloaded the pictures I took last weekend.  Last Saturday (26 May) the annual Priory Fair took place at St Dominic's Priory.  The Priory Fair is probably the most popular school "fete" in Port Elizabeth and I am just amazed at how many people support it.  We were there early for the book sale…

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Splash Fest beach goers

Not everybody heading down to Hobie Beach during the Splash Festival over Easter weekend are there for the festival itself.  Many also go to enjoy the beach and Friday's hot weather meant that a lot of people headed into the water.  Unfortunately for the organisers it was spring high tide over the weekend and the volleyball courts turned into "tidal pools" as the sea pushed itself over the sand walls created to avoid just that.


Splash Fest crowds

The Splash Festival in Port Elizabeth is the biggest 4 day beach festival in South Africa and draws thousands of people to Hobie Beach over Easter weekend.  The beach sport like Beach Volleyball and Beach Rugby are always popular events but the thing that pulls the most people to the festival is Saturday night fireworks display on Shark Rock Pier with people searching out good viewing spots from early on already.

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Splash Festival entertainment

The annual 4 day long Splash Festival started at Hobie Beach yesterday and even though the organisers were only officially appointed about three weeks ago the first day was a huge success.  Thousands of festival goers flocked to Hobie Beach to enjoy the fabulous weather as well as the tons of entertainment on offer.  I did a three hour shift at our church's pancake stall and by 3pm when I went off duty we had sold over 900 pancakes already. …

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