One of PE’s best kept secrets is Barnacles Restaurant in Beachview. Set high on the first dune overlooking the rocks and sea, Barnacles serves great steaks, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and especially wonderful seafood. (lousy cappuccino, but hey, you can’t be PERFECT!!) But for us, apart from the excellent food, service and atmosphere, the best thing about it is the open deck that hangs out over the hillside, which leaves you with panoramic views of the coast. We have yet to go there without seeing large pods of bottle nosed dolphins swimming past. These ones must have been hunting on Saturday, because they did not stop to surf through the waves as they often do, but went along in a business like manner!

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  1. Firefly

    Barnacles isn’t realy the place to go if the weather is bad, but on a good day nothing beats sitting on the deck.

  2. Kris

    Dolphin is some really great eating. Do you prefer it flame grilled or pan fried? 😉