Orca in Algoa Bay

Over the last couple of weeks local whale watching outfit Raggy Charters has spotted two different pods of orcas on two occasions while out cruising in Algoa Bay. Owner Lloyd Edwards also saw the one pod cruise by Seaview a little less than a week ago. Yesterday there was excitement in St Francis Bay when a pod was encountered in the bay. We are fortunate to have these visitors to the area every once in a while, but I haven't…

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Snorkeling at Sardinia Bay

                    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aayZEonJRjM?feature=player_embedded]I found this stunning video by Luke Kibble on YouTube.  It was shot with a GoPro on a snorkeling outing at Sardinia Bay.  Beautiful footage!  Think I need to go get the flippers wet before it starts to get too cold. 

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Whale skeleton

The KidZ admiring the skeleton of the last Southern Right Whale to be harpooned in Algoa Bay hanging in the Port Elizabeth Museum in Bayworld.



One of the Cape Fur Seals at the Bayworld Oceanarium grooming himself. Bayworld has a small colony of Cape Fur and Sub antarctic Fur Seals. The seals make up an important part of Bayworld's educational display every day with Kelpie the seal being one of the facilities' stars.


Penguin walk

Bayworld series #8. One of the fairly new activities that take place at the Oceanarium is the Penguin Walk. It happens after the feeding session when some of the penguins are taken for a walk by the staff. Visitors are asked to stay on the grass and not get too close to the birds, but it does give one the opportunity to see them from a bit closer than in the enclosure.

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Feeding penguins

Bayworld series #7: Following the seal and penguin presentation at the big pool (featured yesterday), everybody moves over to the penguin enclosure to see the feeding of the penguins. They all came running when the trainers entered the enclosure. As the trainer was feeding she marked on a chart who has had and in this way nobody gets passed over. After feeding she told them to go for a swim and wash themselves and all the penguins headed straight for…

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Seal presentation

Bayworld series #6: Twice daily the Oceanarium at Bayworld has a seal and penguin presentation during which these fascinating animals are explained. This presentation usually preceded the dolphin performance before they were moved to Ocean Park in Hong Kong.

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Bayworld series #5: The predator tank at the Oceanarium features a number of fish which will make any fisherman's mouth water. It also has to fully grown Raggies (Ragged Tooth Sharks) and the turtle in the photo which has been at the facility for 35 years. Drama Princess was fascinated with the turtle and jumped up to see through the portals every time it swam by.


Shark exhibit

Bayworld series #4: Another part of the exhibit in the Marine Hall is the shark exhibit which features sharks found on our coastline. The brown shark in the middle is the Ragged Tooth Shark which is very common out at Cape Recife along the reefs.

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