Patterns of light

The ubiquitous MacDonald's golden arches create an abstract pattern with the colourful lights reflecting on the railings of the Dolphins Leap Centre at the beachfront. This shot was taken by our son, from the balcony of The Mediterranean, one of our favourite seafood/sushi hangouts!

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casbah’s again

Since we seem to be on a nostalgic kick at the moment, let's feature another shot of PE in the 90s.... this is the Casbah Carvery that used to be in Cape Road, in the old Kine 500 complex. This was sent by Darren Theologo, who says :"The photo of the Limousine infront of the Casbah Carvery & Grill also taken 1992 , People in photo From left to right _1. Riaan Roux , 2.Darren Theologo , 3. Lillian Van…

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A whole chain of events leads to today's post... Gillian of the Fworld did a post on the demise of PE's roadhouses, and I commented on it. We got an e-mail from regular London visitor Jeanne (she of award winning food blog Cooksister fame), who saw the comment, and sent us a link to the website for the Casbah Roadhouse. I wrote to them and got permission to publish a couple of their old PE pix.This is the old Casbah…



One of PE's best kept secrets is Barnacles Restaurant in Beachview. Set high on the first dune overlooking the rocks and sea, Barnacles serves great steaks, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and especially wonderful seafood. (lousy cappuccino, but hey, you can't be PERFECT!!) But for us, apart from the excellent food, service and atmosphere, the best thing about it is the open deck that hangs out over the hillside, which leaves you with panoramic views of the coast. We have yet…



What a treat it is living in this town, on the days when the weather is perfect. There is nothing to match an evening strolling along beside the pier, or sitting at a beachfront restaurant, enjoying a meal, and watching the sun go down.


34 deg South again

While we are on the subject of 34 degrees South, we might as well go and have a look around inside.... interesting industrial look ,well stocked pub, custom painted table cloths, great food and a huge stock of wines and other drinks, sushi and sashimi, deli goods, baked treats, imported luxury foods, ample outdoor seating for good weather, and wrap around glass walls and doors with a view across the lake, and live jazz on most weekends.... what a winner!



We have featured 34 degrees South before. It is one of our favourite restaurants, with a great deli and one of the widest ranges of seafood and Mediterranean dishes anywhere. This sign amused us, although I must admit it could well be the motto of the dictators in some of our neighbouring states!

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Something Good

Another PE landmark, this roadhouse has been around as long as I can remember. It is one of the few old fashioned drive-in restaurants still around (the new breed of franchise drive thrus is somehow not quite the same.) This is the good old "flick lights for service" type, and as a bonus, it is situated on the beach with a spectacular view across the bay. Softserve anyone?


Port Elizabeth Station

The beautiful old Victorian Railway Station in PE underwent a renovation in the mid 80s. The round painted panels depicting scenes from the city were commissioned, and painted by Bernard Horn. A great restaurant was opened and the Station Restaurant was the in place for a while. They served all sorts of exotic African meats, like Zebra and crocodile! Sadly it went the way of the rest of PEs historic areas, and urban decay set in. Although the building is…