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Today is Port Elizabeth Daily Photo’s 1000th post and exactly 500 posts since I took over from Sue and Max. Port Elizabeth is such a magnificent place that I struggle most days to select a photo out of my collection to post. I just want to take this opportunity to thank all the regular PEDP visitors as well as those who only pop in every now and then, doesn’t matter if you comment on the pics on not, for taking the time to do so and enjoying my photography. Some of you may even read the drivel I add to the pics, but the important part is that you visit and enjoy what Port Elizabeth has to offer, right there from the convenience of your computer chair (or bed to those who is comfortable under the blankets with a laptop on your knees). Here is to 1000 more posts. *lifting the virtual glass*

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  1. MyPE

    Mooi gedaan.Well Done.Mazeltov.Heke!Now slow done, lest you catch up to MyPE! 🙂

  2. MyPE

    DOWN not done – sorry.

  3. Gaelyn

    A great capture. And congrats on the 500th of 1000!

  4. Zane

    500 or 1000 – well done Jonker – big numbers that you are posting. I would consider that Port Elizabeth has plenty more to offer – we all need to change our approach and discover more.Great photo!

  5. cat

    Fantastic picture!

  6. Jeanne @ CookSister

    Wow – that's an amazing capture! Congrats on reaching the big 1K! I am still a way off…

  7. Gauteng

    Well done buddy and keep up the good work.

  8. Max-e

    Hi Jonker, sorry I did not see this sooner, but congrats on reaching 1000. When Sue and I started PEDP we never thought it would get this far, but it is thanks to you and your passion for the City.I love the way the pigeons look as if they are applauding the achievement.BTW my 500th post will be this coming Skywatch and guess what my picture will be…………that's right, the Horse Memorial. Same angle as yours, but with a different slant.

  9. John

    I have been watching your site for over a year. I brought a group of US college students to NMMU last summer and we had a wonderful time for the six weeks. Keep up the good work. It is greatly appreciated.John

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