Giraffe skyline

A journey of giraffe (yes, that is the collective name of giraffe) silhouetted as the are walking along the horizon at Kwantu Private Game Reserve just outside Port Elizabeth.
For more picture featuring the sky, visit Skywatch.

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  1. Kate

    Lovely silhouette. The undulating gait of these beautiful creatures is something to see, isn't it?

  2. Leif Hagen

    How fantastic to see the lineup of giraffes! Someday I'll get to see them in person on “safari!”

  3. Gaelyn

    What a great way to view the sky from so high up as a journey of giraffe.

  4. Sylvia K

    Fantastic shot, love the composition! And yes, there is something wonderful to watch in their undulating gait! I also love what lizziviggi referred to them as skyscrapers of the savanna! Would love to see them there for real!! Have a great weekend!Sylvia

  5. Jossie

    Wonderful picture. It is so exciting to see the giraffe in their naturel habitat.

  6. Kaori

    This is not something we can see in Japan. I really love giraffes. What a great photo! Happy weekend!

  7. Linnea W

    Terrific! That's a scene I won't find around my neighborhood!

  8. Janet

    Now this is truly South African! Impending rain with those magnificent creatures. I like this!

  9. Northender

    Excellent one Firefly, could also have worked in black and white hey!

  10. Christina. Sweden

    wonderful slouettes against the sky thats realyy a place i dream of visiting sometimeChristina

  11. Carol

    Great shot! Simply beautiful!