Baakens and Tramways

The Baakens River flowing past the renovated Tramways Building.  The Lower Baakens Valley has become a hub for activities and markets especially since the renovation of this building and the willingness of both private and public sector to invest in the area.

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Baakens Valley trail view

Yesterday morning I hit the trails in the Baakens Valley just off Alan Drive with Chaos Boy to go and find a few Geocaches I haven't had a chance to do.  It's been a while since I've been on them and just realised again why the area is so popular with trail runners and mountain bikers.  Here Chaos Boy is enjoying the view of the river below at the one spot on the trail.


The Baakens River still has water

I went to pick up a few Geocaches this morning, one which was next to the Baakens River close to Target Kloof.  It's good to see that there is still water in the river even though we are struggling through a severe drought at the moment and levels are quite low.

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Looking down the Baakens Valley

At had a meeting with Nadine of Passing the Open Window, a fellow travel blogger, yesterday and got to take this photo from their balcony looking down the Baakens Valley towards the harbour.  Nice!

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Tramways and the Baakens

The newly restored Tramways Building reflecting in the Baakens River.  Truly an old yet new landmark in Port Elizabeth.  Can you see Fort Frederick on the hill in the background?

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The Baakens River Mouth

It's sad to think that the Baakens River mouth was once a big lagoon where passing ships came to collect fresh water for their voyages yet today it's a cement canal under the Settlers Freeway which flows into the PE Harbour.  Some major revamping and restoration needed to give this river mouth any dignity again. 

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Baakens Valley mountain biking

[youtube=]Last week's Video Friday post was a video featuring mountain biking in the Baakens Valley.  Following that post I found another video about mountain biking through the Baakens Valley and seeing that it's such an awesome mountain biking venue I decided to post it as well.

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Mountain biking in the Baakens Valley

[youtube=]We are so fortunate to have the Baakens Valley green belt running through Port Elizabeth.  The area truly has the potential to become a prime outdoors activities part of the city and already is very popular with mountain bikers and trail runners.  When I found this great video on YouTube showing off the great trails through the valley I just had to share it with you.

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Baakens Bench

A bench ideal for contemplation.  The difference between this one and others with similar views is that you don't have to hike for an hour to get to it to enjoy it.  It's located next to the Baakens Valley on the corner at the bottom of 2nd Avenue and Fordyce Road in Walmer

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Baakens Valley graffiti by Joff

Joff's latest piece of graffiti down in the lower Baakens Valley literally has the whole city talking.  It even made television news the other day.  Last week I posted this picture on Instagram and a number of people have shared it via Facebook.  I really hope we'll start to see a lot more of this kind of art around like they have done up on Johannesburg.  It really encourages urban tourism and get people into areas they don't normally go…

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