World Cup Soccer Stadium Update

The Soccer Stadium is beginning to take shape nicely. We have watched the progress, as the team has put up the roof trusses, over the past weeks. This has been a slow process – I imagine it is like putting together a giant jig saw puzzle. Now that they have started to put the cladding on the roof, one can get a good idea of what the final product will look like.

The people working on the roof give a good idea of the scale of the stadium

View of the stadium, which is situated alongside the Northend Lake, from Richmond Hill.

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  1. Anonymous

    The stadium looks great. Sometime when you’re passing could you take a picture of the school in front of it. Sydenham Primary I believe. I attended there in 1967/8.My two sisters went to a convent nearby(cant remember the name) CheersRichie.Widnes UK

  2. meo

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  3. meo

    hey, great to see that the stadium is being built near the (sydenham primary) school I visited over 40 years ago!! good luck for 2010!! christine from germany(maybe you post a photo of the school some time … )