Van Der Kemp Memorial Church

Bethelsdorp Village was established in 1803 by Dr Johannes Theodorus Van Der Kemp, a missionary working among the Khoikhoi. Many of the old buildings in Bethelsdorp Village are protected by the National Monuments Act. The Van Der Kemps Memorial Church in the village was first built in 1803 and is generally regarded as the first Congregational church in southern Africa. It was destroyed by fire in 1890, rebuilt in 1903 and again in 1926 and extended in 1985. Behind the church is the so-called Livingston Cottage, used by visitors to the village. According to the legend, Dr David Livingstone also stayed there. In front of the church is the Market Square with the Mission Bell, erected in 1815 and in the street next to it visitors will see the Almshouse built in 1822 to accommodate the destitute.

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  1. Jeanne

    Thanks for the interesting info. Bethelsdorp is so far off the beaten tourist track in PE, but is hoem to so much history – great that you coudl share it with us.

  2. beedeeboy

    Your pictures will ensure that this historic village(Bethelsdorp) becomes part of the places that tourists do view of the 2010 football world cup and the influx of tourists it is also important to point out that the CEO of the 2010LOC also hails from this village.Maybe you can click some more pictures of this beautiful village and its people and history.a picture of the Historic Bell in front of the church will be welcome

  3. michelle pursglove

    Hi from england. I loveyou pictures and wondered if the Bethelsdorp church has anything to do with the england church that WAS known as the Bethel Mission,wich my south african born grandfather was a member of .?any ideas welcome

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