#womenintourism breakfast

This morning I had the honour and privilege to be involved in the organising and execution of the Port Elizabeth leg of the Travel Massive / National Department of Tourism #womenintourism breakfast event at the Summerstrand Hotel.  It coincided with Women’s Month and we made use of the opportunity to celebrate the involvement of women in the tourism industry.  The theme of the event was Doek on Fleek and most of the women in attendance were wearing a doek with all kinds of styles and colours being represented.  Out of a total attendance of about a hundred people, there were only 6 or so men and as one of the organisers and speakers even I donned a doek… or rather a bandana.  The event was one of five simultaneous events with the others taking place in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Nairobi, Kenya. 

 You can few all the photos of the event in an album on my Facebook profile

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  1. Rowan Kelly

    Thanks so much … nostalgia at its best…..just discovered you this evening, …… a flood of emotions swaying back and forth …. the old fig tree … my husband Basil , brother Billy Benjamin and I all taught at the Hindu Primary School just beyond the tree…we were right next to the narrow guage railway line …and could hear the Apple Express train puffing its way to outlying farming areas all teaching brought to a halt by the whistle..I taught upstairs and had unforgettable views … the sea dazzling in morning sunshine. Watching Mailships from England coming in to the harbour on Fridays … thank God for memories no one can erase .. appreciative of your informative insights In Australia now but still missing P EEllen van Breda

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