Donating blood

Every now and then I do my bit and post what would probably be called a public service announcement.  So today I’m serving my public.  This is the time of year when a lot of South African’s are starting to go away on their annual summer holidays which means that a lot of regular blood donars tend to skip a donation because they aren’t home or is too busy to donate.  This leads to a situation where the South African National Blood Service runs very low on stock at a time when blood could potentially be in big demand due to the influx of visitors and the possibility of more accidents happening.  I donated blood for the 47th time last week (three more for my half century) and noticed the SANBS’ summer blood campaign poster.  “Give someone a bloody good festive season”  You gotta love the word play in that one. 

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  1. Vagabonde

    You are so right – donating blood could mean survival to a person. I gave blood many times, but last time they did not want it. One of the question asked was “did you prick yourself with a needle?”. Trying to be as truthful as I could I said that while sewing my skirt, last week, I did prick myself with a needle as I was not wearing my glasses. They refused my blood.

  2. tiff

    Thank you so very much fo linking to my blog. it is an important message to get across, donating blood helps so many people.Thank you for being one of those amazing, selfless people who gives of youself.

  3. Seamus

    Wow Firefly, is your camera a part of your body as are your arms and legs. You have it everywhere. Haha. Its about time I donated again.

  4. I'll be doing the same here today on Kauai, the other side of the world, when donors miss appointments because of the holiday season. Good for you!

  5. Avril

    Well done! Just looking at your photo makes me squeamish! Something I just cannot do 🙁

  6. Paul

    Interesting view in this pic. I too donate here in Leeds and have rather less sessions, 25 at last donation, though some more than that since I gave in the military too. After which they gave me a pen and a badge. I usually have my camera with me and have been looking out for a donor subject, rather than using my own arm.