Walking through Happy Valley

After yesterday’s post on Happy Valley there was a comment by Grunt saying – “I understood that visitors get mugged when visiting Happy Valley. Used to love it as a child, but based on what I have heard, I tell visitors to avoid it.”  There probably hasn’t been a mugging in Happy Valley for close to a decade. Yes, it was a problem area but it has been cleaned up and sorted out.  The municipality even has two security guards stationed at Happy Valley to prevent it from happening again.  Would it never happen again?  Nobody can answer that question but people can get mugged on the street in front of their homes so anything is possible.  I go for a walk up Happy Valley during the day quite often.  Its quiet and the combination if running water and birds calling relaxes me.  Will I go and walk up Happy Valley at night in winter when there is nobody around and the lights are off.  Of cause not.  That is asking for trouble even if you are in the safest places in the world.  Will I walk up there to see the lights with the family on a warm summers weekend evening? Any time.  I often think PE’s biggest problem is it’s own residents, specifically those who never get out and about and don’t get to experience what this beautiful city has to offer.
Excuse the blurry photo.  I don’t have a SLR camera and my midrange struggles in low light.

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