The Graaff-Reinet church – looking rather ghostly

The last two months have been an absolute blur. Don't ask me where it went, I just know it's gone and I am exhausted.  But things are getting back to normal and hopefully I will get my blogging mojo back as well.  The pictures from our Graaff-Reinet weekend is lined up and just waiting for the words to be added.  In the meantime here is one I took of the Groot Kerk at the top of the main drag into…

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The Full Wolf Moon

 Oh wow, what a balmy evening we had tonight.  Popped out to try and cool down a bit earlier and snapped a photo of the full moon with my phone.  As I'm typing this now at 11:40 pm I am drying off after a light night swim.  And I'm still hot.  Tonight's full moon by the way is called the Full Wolf Moon.  It's a name given to the full moon of January by the Native American people long ago…

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The Algoa Bay Yacht Club after dark

Last week while attending the launch of Algoa Bay as the Bottlenose Dolphin Capital of the World I sneaked outside for a quick photo of the Yacht basin and the harbour lights. Wish one could get onto more areas in the harbour to take photos.

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Chokka boat lights off Seaview

Drama Princess went to sleep over at a friend's house in Seaview a few nights ago.  We dropped her off a little late and it was dark by the time we got there.  I just love the view from Seaview over the ocean.  The bright lights are chokka boats fishing off the coast.  In the background are white and red lights.  The white lights is Jeffrey's Bay while the red lights are from the JBay Wind Farm turbines.

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Beachfront icon

Since its revamp the pier is looking great at night, especially with the new brighter lighting.  It's actually so bright that it is possible to swim at night, like the little boy is doing.

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Christmas full moon

We spent 10 days over the December holidays camping at Vloedbos Holiday Resort in the Overberg and I have a couple of days left before heading back to work on Monday.  So between chilling in the pool, keeping the KidZ busy and doing a few chores around the house, plus sleeping a little late for a change, I haven't really done much blogging lately other than my daily posts on PE Daily Photo.  But  I think it's time to start sharing…


Fairytale Boardwalk Hotel

The Boardwalk Hotel, all lit up and looking like a fairytale castle, with Shark Rock Pier, all lit up, Hobie Beach, all lit up, and the beachfront, all lit up.  Isn't the beachfront just beautiful at night?

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