Discovering Lauries Bay in Port Elizabeth

The South African coastline stretches over 2500 km (give or take a couple of km) from the desert border with Namibia to the subtropical border with Mozambique.  I say give or take a couple of km as I have seen exact distances given of between 2798 km and 3751 km.  Whichever it is, its a heck of a piece of coastline varying between long sandy stretches, rugged inaccessible areas, rural and uninhabited beaches and developed pieces in populated areas.  This all means that there are big parts of our coastline that most of us will probably never get to see.  Closer to home, Port Elizabeth has over 40 kilometers of beaches.  Beaches, not coastline.  This means that I haven’t even seen the whole of my home town’s coastline.  I recently got to tick off another piece of that from my list when I visited Lauries Bay on the Wildside near Kini Bay and Seaview.  Lauries Bay is a group of “shacks” (as their owners call them) located on private land.  The only way to get there is if you know somebody who has a “shack” there and they open the gate for you – which was how we got to go in – or to walk along the beach from Kini Bay. 

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  1. Gaelyn

    I could live in that kind of “shack”.

  2. Nat

    A stunning piece of coastline!

  3. Jethro Parker

    Any history on the old mansion on the beach? Who owns it?