Spider lilies

Last year in March I excitedly posted about my White Spider Lilies flowering for the first time. This year the end of March came and there were no flowers. I traveled down the Garden Route at that time and found flowering spider lilies at Fancourt outside George. I was very disappointed that mine decided not to flower this year.

That was until last week when I noticed that they started to flower. I am really chuffed. Problem now is that I thing I should take them out the pot and put them in the ground. I’m just afraid that they may decide not to flower next year. I may just attempt it though.

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  1. Gaelyn

    Those are truly unusual looking lilies. Glad yours are blooming. Maybe get some more to plant in the ground.

  2. Avril

    Yay – they are flowering !! They should be ok in the ground – just don't disturb the roots. I have seen them on pavements here growing like agapanthus – so they should transplant well.

  3. Tami

    I like those…..BUT….WHAT is that plant in the background on the other side of the water in that first shot?Anyway to see a close up?

  4. Marka

    Either way, they're pretty flowers.

  5. How pretty they are Jonker. Some plants do take a couple of years before flowering again when you transplant them so don't be discouraged, plant them in the garden and give them a chance to flower in their own time. They will soon spread out and make a wonderful show.

  6. Perry

    Cool flowers. Chuffed is local term for put off or upset? If so, why? The bloomed! Yours will be around longer than those early bloomers! 🙂