Tolbos Country and Coffee Shop

The Gamtoos River Valley is a beautiful area just west of Port Elizabeth. It is a farming area producing mainly citrus and potatoes and an awesome option for a weekend or day getaway out of the city and into the scenic countryside. At the heart of the Gamtoos Valley is the town of Patensie and right at the entrance of the town is Tolbos Country and Coffee Shop.

Tolbos is a real country shop and you will find everything from home baked rusks and biscuits to preserves and jams right out the farm kitchen.

Other than jams, the shelves are filled with bottled fruit and things like liuqeurs and fresh oranges. Out of the kitchen you will find the best farm breakfasts and home baked cakes and pies around. Definitively worth a stop on a day in the country.

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  1. Marka

    And I assume the coffee is good too!

  2. Gaelyn

    I miss the rusks and meat pies.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful selection there. I will bet those bottled good taste better than anything you could buy at Woolies.

  4. Marcelle

    These shops are the parts of SA I miss…

  5. Jo

    Okay, that just made me hungry.I am playing catch-up with my favorite blogs, and I love the pictures of the zebras you have posted previously. I love zebras. I think they are wonderful animals.What a beautiful country you live in…! 🙂

  6. Janet

    Nothing better than browsing in one of those “Tant Malie se winkel” shops! I love them. They are so full of interesting things, the smells and the care that has gone into the preparation! Home-made “beskuit” and apricot jam! Bottled Peaches preserved in Brandy! Yum! A treasure chest of tastes!