I’m watching you

This must be one of my favorite photos. I was on a game drive at Pumba Game Reserve and sitting in the front seat next to the game ranger. We found this male lion (seemingly) sleeping at sunset. We pulled up to him about 6 meters away and the ranger switched the engine off. As he did that the lion opened his one eye to let us know that he knows we were there. Sitting in the front seat meant that I was much lower than if I had been on the back seats and this allowed me to take this pic.

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  1. What a magnificent animal! What a significant and attentive look, as if he actually told us that he is watching us …

  2. Emm

    What a magnificent young thing! It must have been incredible to have a close encounter like that!

  3. T. Becque

    Great shot!! Nice framing, and he looks so soft!

  4. Gaelyn

    And you Did get the exceptional capture. That lion is looking at You.

  5. Travellin'van

    Super shot. Clarence the cross eyed lion springs to mind.

  6. Zane

    Hungry lion – I see your reflection in the lions eye – cool.

  7. Kate

    Fantastic photo! A magnificent beast, altho I find his baleful stare somewhat intimidating.

  8. Max-e

    This is a really great shot Jonker