Green energy

The Pick n Pay head office next to Walmer Park Shopping Centre recently launched a new phase in its effort to achieve energy independence. It erected a small “wind farm”. The stars of the show is three 12-metre e300 Kestrel turbines built at Eveready’s Port Elizabeth factory.
For more information, read this article.

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  1. Babooshka

    An effort to be applauded and they always make great images.

  2. Sakiwi

    This is a good innovation, considering all the electricity interruptions over the past year! The PE sky is beautiful!

  3. Jeanne

    I was impressed to see these on my recent visit – seeing as we have a LOT of wind, it woudl be a great idea if more businesses followed suit and harnessed the power!

  4. Steven Frost

    What a total waste of money, these turbines do not produce any usable energy in the type of area they have been installed, this is purely a marketing campaign. If Pick ‘n Pay was serious about the environment they would spend money on real projects with real savings. I challenge them to publish the power generation data from these windmills.

  5. Steffe

    Greenergy is good.

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