The pipe at Pipe

Pipe at Pollok each is probably Port Elizabeth’s best known and most popular surf spot.  But have you eve wondered where Pipe got it’s name from? The perfect barrel (like a pipe) to surf?  Piping hot waves?  Waves piping in one after another? (Is there even a saying like that?) Nope, it’s very simple.  There is a storm water pipe covered in concrete that flows out in the sea at the surf spot and right in the middle of the break at high tide. Bang! There you have it. Not a lot of imagination used in naming this one like most of the other surf spots around town.  
I really like the description of Pipe that is on the Miller’s Local website.   
PE’s most consistent spot that handles most tides, all swell directions and picks up any sniff of swell around. Mostly mediocre, but can get good, and on occasion great. Where you’ll find most of PE’s hot surfers lurking about, splitting the peaks and dodging the crowds of learners, boogers, paddleskiers, SUP’s, malibu’s, surf ski’s, and pretty much anything else that floats!