Port Elizabeth’s Shark River

Did you know that the little stream that flows through Happy Valley is called the Shark River?  The river valley actually extends up through the old Boet Erasmus Stadium and Forest Hill.  Back in the early days of Port Elizabeth the Shark River was one of the town's water sources with the Frames Reservoir being built in 1864 (and still there today).  The Shark River has never been a big river and unless there was rain it usually just kinda…


The pipe at Pipe

Pipe at Pollok each is probably Port Elizabeth's best known and most popular surf spot.  But have you eve wondered where Pipe got it's name from? The perfect barrel (like a pipe) to surf?  Piping hot waves?  Waves piping in one after another? (Is there even a saying like that?) Nope, it's very simple.  There is a storm water pipe covered in concrete that flows out in the sea at the surf spot and right in the middle of the…

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Kings Beach and Fence surf spot

I wonder how many PE people have ever walked all the way down Kings Beach right up to the harbour wall.  I did it a little while ago on a beautiful day and took this picture looking back along the beach from on top of the wall.Right next to the harbour wall is a surf spot called Fence.  Why is it called Fence?  The answer I got from local surf blog Millers Local.Back before all the sand built up against…

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Where did Pollok Beach get its name?

Have you ever wondered where Pollok Beach got its name from?  For a start, it is supposed to be spelled Pollok without the "c" so it definitely wasn't named after Graham Pollock.  I found the source of the name on the Millers Local blog.  Pollok Beach was named after the Pollok Hotel that used to stand where the present Summerseas is today.  The Pollok Hotel later became the old Summerstrand Hotel which was demolished and made way for Summerseas.  The original building dated back to the 1890’s, when…

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The little beach on the south side of the McArthur Swimming pool complex is generally part of Kings Beach, but amongst the local surfing community its known as  Denville's.  The name came from a couple of guys, Dennis Buchman and Neville Mandy, that used to surf here around the 60's.  Its still a favourite surfing spot, specially with beginners. 

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Jellyfish at Fence

The surf spot at Kings Beach next to the harbour wall is called fence.  Apparently years ago when there wasn't as much sand against the wall the place used to cook as a surf spot.  Today its but a shadow of its former self.  So where does the name come from?  There was a big fence that ran along the harbour wall to stop the fishermen getting up onto the wall from the beach to go fishing.  The fence was about 200…

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Shark River Lily

Not everybody likes arum lilies but I have a special fondness for them, specially when they grow wild somewhere in nature.  I found this one growing along the Shark River in Happy Valley.